Why I Started a BJJ Podcast and Website


Ever since I started doing BJJ, I have loved watching videos, reading articles, and listening to BJJ podcasts. I have consumed most of the media that is free and have paid for a number of memberships to sites like Marcelo Garcia, Flograppling, and more. During my time teaching beginner classes, I realized how many people don’t even have a basic understanding of the grappling vernacular. And yet, so much of the educational material out there is filled with BJJ jargon.

I wanted to provide a way for beginners or newcomers to learn the language, understand the context, and have an idea of what to expect before they stepped on the mat. Additionally, I have a marketing background with experience in website content management systems, SEO, front-end development, video and sound editing, content writing, social media, and paid online advertising. While I’m certainly not an expert in all of these skills, I thought that I could bring together my general knowledge to provide a quality experience for people looking to learn more about BJJ.

If you are curious to learn more about my background, how long I’ve been training, and why I started BJJ, I’ve provided some more of that info below. I was an awful wrestling. Since I started training in BJJ, I have gained a much deeper love of wrestling. Often times, the wrestling-focused classes have been my favorites. I spend hours each week working on wrestling techniques outside of standard BJJ class.

What Makes me Qualified to Talk About BJJ?

Very little, which is why I only talk about the basic concepts and fundamentals. I a purple belt who started in 2011 and have a few thousand hours of mat time. I have taught beginner classes

I have done okay in local competitions. The bottom line is that this podcast and website is not for experienced grapplers, and it is aimed at helping newer folks.

Who is this BJJ Website and Podcast for?

  • People who are just starting BJJ

  • People looking to try a martial art

  • People who are tired of weight lifting or working out alone

  • People looking for a community to be apart of

  • People who have never been or don’t see themselves as athletic

  • People who want to learn more about the basics and fundamentals

  • If you find yourself saying “well, duh” to any of these topics, it’s not for you

What is my Athletic Background?

1 year of wrestling in 8th grade. I Dropped out of wrestling in 9th grade. Track and cross country through high school. I wasn’t fast or competitive, nor was I fast. I started to get into weight lifting in early 20’s, but got bored and found BJJ. I started focusing on weight lifting again in early 30’s to compliment BJJ.

How did I get into BJJ?

A coworker asked about my ears and if I’d wrestled. He said I should join him for a BJJ class at a local gym. I took a free class and immediately signed up. My coworker left the job a week later and I never saw him again. I stayed and fell in love with the sport.

How Often do I Train?

I train BJJ about 3 times per week, lift weights 3 times per week. Additionally, I work a full-time job and am happily married. Like most of you probably experience, there never seems to be enough time in the day. That being said, I do what I can to maximize my training sessions, which usually includes staying 1-2 hours after class to roll with my training partners to work on takedowns and/or get in additional sparring.